Safety Compilance

Keeping employment stable and ensuring safe working conditions are ongoing concerns.
In this regard, it is critical that appropriate rules and procedures be created, followed, and enforced in order to provide safe, effective working conditions, protecting personnel and property.

ASTL Transport Ltd. won’t intentionally allow dangerous circumstances to exist or allow workers to engage in risky behavior.
Discipline will be taken if company rules and regulations are broken. The business thinks a worthwhile programme would best safeguard the safety of its workers and tangible assets. As part of its compliance with Workers Compensation Board regulations, ASTL Transport Ltd. promotes employee participation in its quarterly meetings of the company-wide safety committee.
Supervisors are in charge of the working environment in their division and are always on the lookout for potentially hazardous situations. So that they may analyse new or altered settings for inherent risks, suggest corrective action, reprimand individuals who regularly engage in risky activities.